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December Newsletter

Dear Fellow-Hunters, November is ended and we are in December, the year end is here soon!! But we do...


November Newsletter

Dear Fellow-Hunters, October is ended, we are over some fantastic fallow bucks-hunting with Danish, English, Slovakian Guests, the satisfaction...


October Newsletter

Dear Hunters! Days of September greeted us with rutting of our forest’s king-game and the last days of the...

africa zululand

Welcome to the Land of Rainbow!

Endless hunting opportunities on great hunting areas, rich flora and faunas, numerous nature reserves, interesting cities, exotic culture, magical...


June Newsletter

Dear Co-Hunter, Elan Hunting Office, according the name ‘Elan’, takes the road to recovery with lustily.


Roebuck hunting in Hortobágy, where the Earth meets the Sky

Hortobágy is Central Europe’s largest grassland , situated on 82,000 acres, near to Debrecen, which is Hungary’s...

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